I am sure every woman who is the corporate world understands how it can be difficult as a woman to go up the ladder. What more if you’re in your own hustle? Confidence has to be a big part of you because it’s the one that will play a huge role in getting your business high up there where you want it to be. Here are the 5 tips on how to confidently handle your business: •    Be confident when looking for funding – You need money and partnerships to get your nosiness off the ground. Know your business, know its

Did you know? The phrase “fear not” is used at least 80 times in the Bible? Fear has no place in the heart or mind of a believer. Ask God to increase your trust and faith in his willingness and ability to deliver you completely from fear and anxiety. Ask for a deeper revelation of his love, and watch how powerfully he moves.  

I was reading Proverbs and I learned that even though at times it can be extremely difficult to constantly live in a way that represents your decision to give yourself to God, if you're truly committed what seems impossible is achievable.  

What do you do with your business ideas? If you are like me, I am sure every day you have an opportunity to express your idea to someone. Married to an entrepreneur and also working as an intrapreneur in a big corporate I have learn’t that NO to funding your idea or small business is not about you – but usually around your presentation and belief in the opportunity. I want to share some pointers here which can enable you to find ways of scaling up especially in tough environments.     We all have probably had our business proposal or idea rejected

It is through understanding our salvation that we can live in unity with other believers and love them in Christ. Seek understanding from God and value others.  

"November is my birthday month and as I was counting my blessings, I realized that I could really do much more contribution to society in the women empowerment space". There are women and girls out there who are in need of basics you and I could easily take for granted – menstrual hygiene. Reports continue to show of girls missing school during their monthly period and women failing to afford proper sanitary wear, putting their own health at risk by using inappropriate materials.   A successful and empowered woman impacts positively to her family and community. I need your support as I partner with PrincessD Menstrual

Take your place in that board room! Don’t run away when you face resistance. Women work diligently and hard just like anyone else, women want to reach the top too without being accused of being aligned to someone powerful and lastly, like anyone else, they make powerful and capable leaders.  Am developing the issue of how women could possibly manage the challenges they face in the work place as female leaders. Besides the work place, similar challenges manifest even in church ministries and other communities. Let’s share – if you have experienced challenges, do comment and tell me how you

Upcoming female leaders usually ask me about how I got to be where I am with regards to my career, especially the fact that I am a woman. I am curious to find out if male counterparts in similar leadership positions get the same question as much as we doJ as women. The recurring questions have led me to write a bit about this and how as a woman you can empower yourself. Women work diligently and hard just like anyone else, women want to reach the top too without being accused of being aligned to someone powerful and lastly, like anyone

I attended the launch of Cancerserve Foundation last week. I was totally touched by a story of a cancer survivor who spoke. She was fortunate to have a supportive spouse and family, I believe this contributed so much to her recovery. Support is always a key pillar in our lives. I commend all organizations and practitioners who continue to fight for better healthcare, and I recommend we should all play a part in our individual capacities.   October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month worldwide. Women and men are encouraged to get screened for breast cancer. I believe that it is important to come together and work towards early detection and

Guess what, I have people who say they want to be like me, I also adore certain people and want to be like them. Growing up I even had those super star people I thought were so cool and I wanted to speak, sing and dress like them. Now that I am where I am today, I realise that life needs to be lived freely in a simple way by being you and enjoying your uniqueness. When I got married, one of the to do list my mother in law gave me was, "you are just like my child, be

I am a mother, and I know how to smile through tears. Just last month I had a traumatic experience with one of my children. I went into a public hospital with him and had to care for him in the most uncomfortable conditions. I cried sometimes but as the days and weeks passed, I would laugh and tears of joy would well up in my eyes due to seeing progress in his recovery or a joke he would have said in the midst of his misfortune. We are all humans and being overwhelmed by life is a normal occurrence. What

Starting off well in any endeavor is important, but I believe, how you finish is even more crucial. Next time you visit the movie theatre watch how many people arrive late and take a while to settle down at the beginning of the movie but remain in their sets well after the lights are back on. Take note how people seem to struggle so much when starting a new business or starting a new course in school. Their performance as they start may be very shaky, but what matters is how strong they come out on the other side. #UsainBolt’s

Do you ever second guess yourself because you worry about what the next person will think? Once in a while I have let fear of judgement sway my true conviction about a matter. As much as validation from others makes us feel secure and good about our decisions, making a decision in order to gain that validation affects your ability to be true to yourself. You indirectly give power over your life to those around you, instead of being your own powerhouse. We all need to stand true to ourselves and be bold to express ourselves. It never happens overnight though,

Do you ever despise or look down upon yourself for no reason? I know women are most affected by 'looks' but be assured, there is no 'ugly' woman out there. It is just perception and at times more about the person them self 'feeling' ugly. You can love yourself before someone else does. Loving someone before you learn to love yourself first may result in a huge misconception of what love should be. Generally, we tend to be our biggest critics. We judge our own decisions, wants and needs with the most harsh magnifying lens, without realising how hard we have

Have you ever attended a serious event on time and you realize that they actually will start in thirty minutes to an hour from the original time? Attendants trickle in and they pass comments such as, ‘I knew this would not start on time, so I decided to delay coming through.’ Well, I have been in such situations, from weddings to work meetings and so on. We all know that time and energy is precious but how many times have you found yourself making an effort to make those around you comfortable by playing along with their slackness? We usually