How to overcome inequality as a female leader.  

How to overcome inequality as a female leader.  

Upcoming female leaders usually ask me about how I got to be where I am with regards to my career, especially the fact that I am a woman. I am curious to find out if male counterparts in similar leadership positions get the same question as much as we doJ as women.

The recurring questions have led me to write a bit about this and how as a woman you can empower yourself. Women work diligently and hard just like anyone else, women want to reach the top too without being accused of being aligned to someone powerful and lastly, like anyone else, they make powerful and capable leaders.  If they are challenges you have experienced, do comment and tell me how you have managed your way around the challenge. This could help another woman.


The issue of equality remains tops for female leaders. In a work environment you can come across its manifestation in the form of lower salaries for females, only men promoted to leadership even where women have their ‘A’ game, exclusion in decision making and so much more.

First things first, never fall into the trap of thinking that there is something wrong with you, or you are not cut out for leadership. Believe me, you know that you are great and you can do it but well, there is equality issues. Get on top of the situation by knowing what you want, ensuring you have the skills required and yes – speaking up. It may seem simple, but can be daunting. When I made a conscious decision to speak up, I realized that whatever I wanted I was responsible for achieving it – not waiting for someone to bring it to me or to identify that I am good!

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  • Pam
    October 16, 2018

    As you rightly put it, Ive learnt as a woman, that you’re fully responsible for your own success.. if you don’t make it happen for yourself, noone will…if you don’t speak up for yourself or prove yourself, nobody will..

  • Tendai
    October 17, 2018

    Couldnt agree with you more, speaking up and expressing our ambitions as women is very important. Early in my career i thought my “excellent work” would speak for itself. I then discovered that was not enough. I also needed to make sure i was actively bringing visibility to my great work and owning it. It’s not easy and that’s where having a network of like-minded women committed to support each other will help.

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