Focus on your Silver Linings

Focus on your Silver Linings

I am a mother, and I know how to smile through tears. Just last month I had a traumatic experience with one of my children. I went into a public hospital with him and had to care for him in the most uncomfortable conditions. I cried sometimes but as the days and weeks passed, I would laugh and tears of joy would well up in my eyes due to seeing progress in his recovery or a joke he would have said in the midst of his misfortune.

We are all humans and being overwhelmed by life is a normal occurrence. What is important is how you respond to the situation you face. I believe that if we can always remember to have faith and have people around us to strengthen us, we are able to smile through our tears. Life was never created to be easy but we have been given all of the tools to survive it and make the most of it.

You may go through the hardest of hurdles that make you question whether or not you are capable of getting through it. How many of those moments have you had this month alone? But look at you now, you still see the beauty in the smallest of things, you find yourself smiling unintentionally when you realise how blessed you are. It is okay to break down sometimes and just cry it out, but the most important part is when you pick yourself up from that slump…make sure you stand up stronger.

Failed business, zero balance bank account, pregnant and no one to support you, friends turned into enemies, whatever your situation, take time to look closely at the silver lining and smile. You are alive!


To your success!

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