Don’t let difficulties set you back

Don’t let difficulties set you back

Starting off well in any endeavor is important, but I believe, how you finish is even more crucial. Next time you visit the movie theatre watch how many people arrive late and take a while to settle down at the beginning of the movie but remain in their sets well after the lights are back on. Take note how people seem to struggle so much when starting a new business or starting a new course in school. Their performance as they start may be very shaky, but what matters is how strong they come out on the other side. #UsainBolt’s last races before he resigned from professional athletics, he struggled to start as strong as his competition, all of his supporters were on the edge of their seats wondering if he had made a big mistake, indeed he did, his footing may have been wrong, he may have had his balance mismatched, or maybe he was just feeling sluggish, but he still managed to get a silver medal in that race. Well, people celebrated with him and he took his final lap of victory as a professional athlete and his name will go down in the history books regardless of his brief moments of difficulty.

So what journey did you start in 2018 and you feel you have messed up or are struggling? For me, I have three items I can identify clearly. However, after attending a #Toastmasters meeting recently, I was encouraged by one of the speakers who stated that it was important to finish strong. This made me realize that I am still in my track and race. I can up my game now and finish strong. By December, I will be ticking a fruitful end of year just like those who started better than me.

Why not review your position today and get a mentor, coach or friend to help you rejuvenate and build your momentum starting today. You can finish strong. Make the right decision today and go!

To your success

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