Be your own source of validation

Be your own source of validation

Do you ever second guess yourself because you worry about what the next person will think? Once in a while I have let fear of judgement sway my true conviction about a matter. As much as validation from others makes us feel secure and good about our decisions, making a decision in order to gain that validation affects your ability to be true to yourself. You indirectly give power over your life to those around you, instead of being your own powerhouse.

We all need to stand true to ourselves and be bold to express ourselves. It never happens overnight though, feeling secure in your own mind and thoughts takes a lot of hard work and a number of falls that you will get up from.

When I realized that I do not owe anyone anything in terms of expressing my own opinions I started the journey of learning effective communication. I remember even buying a book to help me converse with people of all personalities. They are people who are very opinionated and do their best to try and silence your voice, but hey, hear them, and demand your voice to be heard and agree to disagree than to want to be accepted.

Review your relationships today and check again – are you seeking approvals of others all of the time?

To your success.


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