Set your boundaries and define who you are

Set your boundaries and define who you are

Have you ever attended a serious event on time and you realize that they actually will start in thirty minutes to an hour from the original time? Attendants trickle in and they pass comments such as, ‘I knew this would not start on time, so I decided to delay coming through.’ Well, I have been in such situations, from weddings to work meetings and so on. We all know that time and energy is precious but how many times have you found yourself making an effort to make those around you comfortable by playing along with their slackness? We usually answer, ‘It’s OK’ when someone says let’s start in thirty minutes. We totally behave as if we have all the time in the world and yet we could actually be doing something meaningful in that moment. Well, let’s change the narrative now by showing a little more love to our self by putting a value to our time and energy.

If a meeting must start – go ahead and start it on time. Do not wait and feed a bad culture of late comers. Where I attend church services they respect time and will start service whether a pastor is there or not. From my airport, if it is a public plane, be assured it will take off on time despite late comers. Let’s demand respect when we arrive on time than being silent and taking it all in and wondering how you are going to make up for the time stolen from you. When I attend a Toastmasters meeting, they start on time and end on time. You are able to plan your time accordingly and be very productive. So next time you are invited to a meeting of any sort, make sure that you show your worth in your actions and your words. I have a friend who carries plan B when they are called for a meeting. As soon as they know it will start late they take out a book to read or they start making important calls they had planned to make later. They can’t tolerate ‘whiling up time’. It may seem extreme but it is a demonstration that they value themselves and their time. So it is up to you to decide what you tolerate but I highly recommend that you revalue yourself and set your boundaries. Likewise, be prepared to value others too so that we all become productive and achieve our daily goals.


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