Leadership Diaries #Learning

Leadership Diaries #Learning

I just had to share another post about learning, exposure, experience, wisdom and leadership. I decided to forego my trip to India this year and join instead my other family, Toastmasters International, the place where leaders are made. I am not regretting it because there is so much I learn through diversity that comes from people from all over Southern Africa. I believe that astute leaders can be developed and it is our responsibility to become great leaders in our families and communities and that is reason I am a committed Toastmaster. Being a better or great leader can come from willingness to continually learn and mould yourself to adapt to different environments, knowing who you are, what your vision is and what makes you different.


It is important for us to know that we are all human and we cannot always be perfect, but it is also necessary for us to know that we can get better, we can do it better, we can understand better, we can explain better and most importantly we can lead better. I am on a mission to be a great leader and also grow with others who are willing to lead authentically and not allow power to get to them. You have to be willing to change when you pursue authentic leadership. Sometimes the biggest lessons are found in the most unexpected places at times from people we do not know and my #Toastmasters family proves this. Are you open to new experiences, lessons and advice?  Join the leadership journey with me!

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