How to avoid unnecessary information overload

How to avoid unnecessary information overload

A friend of mine asked me how I was keeping up with the latest in everything, from new applications, to technology news and so much more. There is so much talk about how technology is changing at a fast rate and so much talk about the digital transformation. Added to that, the internet itself has so much information on ‘the latest’ and to a large extent, it is a great place to find everything and anything. However, there is a high chance of being overwhelmed by the latest buzz. Too much means that you end up failing to filter what is meaningful and applying it to your daily life. Information is power and being able to use it means wisdom.

The small secret of keeping up with the latest is the ability to choose one topic at a time that is relevant. It has to be a topic that considers today and the future. Keeping up can be made easier when you read and apply what you are learning. If it is general information, after you read it at least discuss with industry colleagues what their opinion is. That way, you actually learn more and understand the same topic from someone else’s perspective.

If you are passionate about a particular topic, buy a good book that is well researched rather than over relying on the internet. No one person controls much of the information on the internet, anyone and everyone can upload their own ‘knowledge’ and because we ‘found it on the internet’ we think the information is accurate and relevant. Be very careful.

So how do I keep up with the latest? Well, I don’t keep up with the latest everything. I keep up with what is important to me and my goals. That way, I benefit and also those in my sphere such as my family, work and community.

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    April 9, 2018

    Awesome stuff Mel. Can I share your post?

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