Move onto new turf

Move onto new turf

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”—Andre Gide

If you have not read my post titled,Overcome that one fear! I would like you to read it, then come back to this one so that you build up knowledge and get courage to take new endeavours. One of life’s rules is that, if you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place. Your hard work will soon be history as long as you do not step out and discover or embrace new opportunities. The coming in of the digital age is proof of how we need to embrace progressive new ways and innovations.

So, once in a while, throw yourself into to the deep end and get to the other side either swimming like we know it or dog peddling. This is the only way you may be able to conquer that which holds you back or realize potential you have never exercised. Don’t wait to be challenged or dared, at times wake up and challenge yourself to test or understand your full potential. Christopher Columbus would never have discovered the other continents if he had stayed at the shore and watched the waves. The site of the ocean is very beautiful as you look at it standing at the shore. I had such a first time experience with the sea last Christmas in #Cape Town. The sand at the shores was so cool underneath my feet and I wished the moment would stay forever. Guess what, there is so much more to see beyond the ocean if only I get the courage to go forth.


It takes a leap of faith to move onto new turf especially when you do not know what lies ahead. What you need to understand is that inside of you there is abundant power and potential to deal with the challenges of that turf. Imagine folding up your cake business and getting into construction, imagine changing jobs from being in sales to human resources or from being a jobber to starting your own business and being a leader. It can be scary. Imagine being in a cruise ship standing by the balcony looking at the blue ocean. So peaceful with a cool breeze. Is it the same ocean that gets waves as high as 3metres? Yes it is. However, never let fear stop you from enjoying the moment.

You do not need to fear anything. Get your feet wet this season by moving on to new turf.

To your success



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