Overcome that one fear!

Overcome that one fear!

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t”—Rikki Rogers.

Last month I found myself in the beautiful town of #VictoriaFalls in Zimbabwe. It was an unusual visit because of one unique event I was going to take part in. I enjoy game viewing, I have done it several times, including on horseback. I also enjoy the boat cruise in the #ZambeziRiver and dinners at the #Boma. I have visited the actual magnificent falls several times including seasons when the rain forest won’t allow you to see your own feet because of the thick mist and showers! However, there are certain activities that I keep away from, just because I am afraid of heights! Bungee jumping, the gorge zip line and Flight of Angels, the list goes on. But on this visit, I had to face m y fears. I needed just to do something to shake off the old and step into the new.

Back to you, what is the one pain point that hinders you from doing what you want? That one thing that pops up as the black spot on a white sheet whenever you want to take on what you believe is your calling. I wish I could say it is simple to overcome, but at times it is easy to overcome once you know that your actual battle is a battle you win in the mind.

So what exactly did I do in Vic Falls? Well, I decided to take the first step in dealing with my fear. I agreed to do the gorge zip line. I will never be fully able to explain how I felt before – but tight tummy, goose bumps, adrenaline the list goes on. I was the only one going down screaming for my parents, am sure the tourists and baboons around were wondering what the problem was with this woman. Well, I did it! Despite my fear, I realized that I could and I would do it. There were nine points in total. At the eighth zip, a very high point, I felt like turning back, but hey, it was already a point of “no return”. To return I would have to swing back seven times so it was best I go through it all. Surprisingly, I did not scream in fear anymore but swung my feet up and yes, a joyous scream of victory came out instead. I felt I was in control and in charge of my daily choices. What I learned from doing what was uncomfortable for me is this, “Mel, go for it in life and face that fear in the face. Chase your plans with tenacity that comes from the inner part of you – your spirit. If others faced their fears what is the worst that can happen to you.”


Did you know that you have inside of you power you have not exerted? That is a post for another day. Would I do the gorge swing again? YES, if I have to!

How about you today taking that step of faith forward. A new job, a new business partner, going to make a presentation, or just starting out a fresh business idea. Ronald E. Osborn states that, unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow. My dear friend, you will grow when you face that challenge and take it on with all you got. Either you will succeed or fail. If you fail, it’s a chance to come back, if you succeed, you are just moving towards eradicating the next challenge. Go for it!

To your success


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