Remain Unique

Remain Unique

“Don’t be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being the same with everyone else”—Unknown

I remember a long time ago when I was in primary school. There was a general need for people to fit in, and be compliant or just to go along with what seemed common. I would see how people were easily swayed by the majority. No one seemed comfortable with the fact that they could be right even when everyone else was wrong. There was discomfort with being different.

Imagine today, if we roll back to everyone wearing the same type and color of shoes, dresses and suits. I cannot even go there. But I just want to say to all those who are comfortable with their uniqueness, keep it up and remain real.

I believe that we should all be comfortable in the fact that we are different. Even in the way we run our business or the products we offer to our customers. Have your competitive dash to everything and be proud of it.

There is so much clutter, and once you are the same, you may never be recognized or leave a mark out there.

Be sure to stand out. I will be speaking on an important topic in this era of building brands fast and through new channels such as social media and online. The discussion is around, ‘Building and managing the brand ‘Me’ for long term competitive advantage. If you are in Harare, be sure to attend and learn one or two nuggets of how you can leave a life where you stand out and be comfortable in your uniqueness. You can also drop me an email on for further information but the rest is in the picture below.


Be that brand, stand out, and be unique!


To your success



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