Wendy, mum of three and running poultry business

Wendy, mum of three and running poultry business

My name is Wendy Madende, I am a Zimbabwean who is based in Botswana and I am 39 years old. I am married with three children. I run  small poultry business keeping broiler chickens for meat. I started this business in June 2014 using some money that I had saved when I was employed. I run this business from home and I keep about 100 chickens at a time. My wish is to see my business grow and become a force to reckon with in the poultry industry. I would also like to leave this business as a successful legacy for my children. I would also like to branch out into keeping layers for egg production for resale. I want my business to create steady employment for members of the community in which I live.

Being a member of the Free woman Entrepreneur group has helped me to network with other women running their businesses similar to mine and others running different businesses. I get to impart the little knowledge and experience that I have gained to others. In turn I also get to learn something new time and again to improve my business through our brainstorming and sharing sessions on the group. I am thankful for the dedication and coaching that happens.

I live in a village called Molepole which about 60km from the capital city Gaborone. When I buy my day-old chicks I keep them in a small room which is also used as a storeroom. After 3 weeks I transfer them into a round run for more space for the chickens.They are kept there until they are ready for slaughtering in about 5 or 6 weeks time.

The main challenges in my business include adequate financing which results in not being able to meet the demand from customers. Trying to get funding from financial institutions when one is based in a foreign country is a major drawback. I face challenges in transporting the inputs such as the chicken feeds, marketing adequately and selling final products due to lack of a vehicle or truck. Despite the ups and downs that I have encountered in this business so far, I have hope and I believe that my business will grow to my expectations.

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