Runyararo, I want to pioneer

Runyararo, I want to pioneer

I am a single mum of a little girl, never been married. I developed self hate and bitterness because of it. Hatred grew in me and suffered but one day I woke up from the prodigal son phase. I knew I had to focus on my life. My vision is to make change in the health department through unique ideas. I want to change lives  by creating and leading the first Health Bar in my Zambia. I know that the likely challenge in this type of business is affordability.

Runyararo has vision of running a Health Bar in Zambia.People want healthy food and living but because people don’t have money to buy proper food and get enough information on health for them to be aware they settle for the usual cheaper and unhealthy alternatives. Economic hardships affect a lot of people’s choices. Right now to start this business I need space – a garden and capital.

I am grateful to Mellany for putting up a platform to transform women who want or who are doing business. She keeps me motivated and made me discover the key to create my extraordinary business. If I was near her I would say ‘give me five’ hands up to you for the dedication and all that encouragement of women to work and feed their families. It is not a man’s world after all because we have women who do jobs that were known to be for men. “Great opportunities are not seen with eyes, they are seen with your mind, fear is the limit to success”.

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