Hazel’s Story

Hazel’s Story

I am a fashion artist/tailor/designer. I grew up an academic and an artist. I pursued a different career path from fashion because of influence as a young person in the family set up to have my academics on point.  I would dream in my sleep a unique dress for concert or event and put it on paper, if I managed to get appropriate material, I would fabricate the dress. I worked on my friends’ leavers dance attires at the time and they were stunning. I value the aspect of charity though I have not much to give at present. My vision is to have an Art of  Fashion institute that can create unique fashion for the celebrities, the common man, as well as cater for the less privileged with the proceeds.

Mellany Mariri has helped me to air my views as an upcoming entrepreneur as she creates a platform whereby I can market myself as well as get ideas from other women in our global society. To have a stage where I can keep my dreams up and hope for the best that my business can finally take off. I am based in Harare Zimbabwe, and I know that my target market may not be that wide in terms of special unique outfits because there are some limitations in societies’ receptiveness.

My main challenge presently is lack of finance as I lost my job as a banker and could not acquire any benefits due to a law that was passed which terminated on a three months notice. My other challenge is working space, it is very limited where I reside. I also need industrial sewing equipment but right now am using a domestic machine which is what I could afford. Whenever I manage to get my hands on cloth material, my hope is alive and I forget all my problems and current challenges. I need to live up my dream, care for my family and create employment for many if possible. I know God has a plan for me. Thank you for encouraging me Mellany.

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