Bridget’s Confectionery & cakes for all occasions.

Bridget’s Confectionery & cakes for all occasions.

My name is Bridget Rusere,  I am a 32 year old lady who is a marketer by profession. I am a holder of  an Honors Degree in Marketing Management from the Midlands State University in Zimbabwe.  My Business is  in confectionery with special emphasis on baking and decorating cakes for various occasions. Making cakes has always been my passion ever since I was a child, where I would bake in my mother’s kitchen. My  skills in making cakes as an entrepreneur are self taught through the internet. My vision is to run a coffee shop.

The Free Woman Entrepreneur platform has helped me particularly in instilling confidence in me that my dream can indeed come true. Secondly,  through her workshops I have had the opportunity to attend, I was able to network and met various people from different business backgrounds. Lastly I learnt the importance of visibility in the growth of a business.

I am based in Harare, Glen Norah. All my cake orders are baked and decorated in my home kitchen. The major challenge I have faced in my business is lack of capital, hence I am operating from home and unable to see my vision of running a coffee shop coming to fruition. The absence of appropriate business premises has also hampered my business visibility. Lack of proper equipment has also hindered my business. The confectionery industry particularly cakes is continually evolving hence new recipes and decorating skills are essential, this therefore means that I have to be upbeat in terms of my baking  and decorative skills. I need capital assistance for establishing a coffee shop and acquiring equipment as this would go a long way for my business. Secondly, assistance with exposure to internationally recognized bakers like the #CAKEBOSS would make my dream come true!

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