Believe you can

Believe you can

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”—Henry Ford

I never thought I would be in the space of being a writer, but I am going strong in contributing to magazines. I always wished it, but had to change my thinking pattern to achieve it. I guess we all have these wild thoughts about things we can or we cannot do. It’s good to always remember to tell yourself, you can achieve. This is because whatever you put your belief in, there are chances that you will start working towards achieving it. Sometimes, like me, it is unconscious, but on certain key goals, I do sit to plan my strategy. What aspirations do you have right now? Is it cooking, baking, driving, flying, dancing, writing a book, starting a business? Do you know you could achieve that aspiration in the next two weeks, or 6 months or a year from now?

You need to think positively when you have an aspiration. This will be a head start for you because already your heart would have been programmed to desire achieving that goal. Set achievable goals that you know you will be able to continue on despite the circumstances around you. When you think you can, it means that under any situation given you will still work on it because you believe you can.

To your success


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