Organize the Day!

Organize the Day!

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction”—Unknown

I have one key challenge in my personality – that’s because I over organize. I know what I have to do each day, each hour and even next week or month. I also use a year calendar to plot major events. My challenge comes where others are part of the plan. It really affects me when someone changes our meeting appointment at the last minute and worse if it is because they just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. That is me, what about you. What one thing in your personality causes you ‘issues’? Drop an email to and also follow me on twitter @melmudiwa so we stay connected.

Let me get back to planning and organizing. Do you prepare yourself for the day every day? Do you know your day’s program? Are you prepared to follow your plan so that you achieve your goal? I think it is important to be organized so that you progress. There is so much distraction in our current lives, technology, entertainment and all that comes with family and friends. With no plan, the wind just takes you wherever. I know people who never have a plan, if you call them and say let’s drive out, they jump at it. No plan whatsoever for each day.

I usually organize my next day, simple steps in the diary and the time I should do it. There can be ten items in a day, but if I do the four big ones, I am happy.

So, a well prepared day has higher chances of yielding better results than a day that is not prepared for. Wake up with a plan of exactly what you are going to tackle for the day. Once the day is over and you have achieved your day’s work, go to bed satisfied and at peace. This will energize you for the next day!
To your success

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