See it differently

See it differently

“There is no failure. Only feedback”—Unknown

I sometimes don’t like ‘truth’ to be told in my face but the impact of truth is that it grows you. Even the nicest tone and approach sometimes gives you that ‘ouch’. I have learnt to take it. Truth makes you reflect and realise that you probably need a new method to make it work. The term failure exists to those that accept situations or circumstances to bring them down. When you are determined to reach a goal nothing should stop you from achieving it. For example, if you get feedback that you could have achieved better, don’t go away thinking you failed and that you will never do it again. Take every situation as a challenge and use a negative feedback for your own advantage. This attitude means you learn to see things differently and you use every opportunity to grow yourself or your business.

You are forced to work extra hard or smart as compared to the first time. In most activities you will either receive positive feedback or negative feedback, it is only up to you work on the feedback you get. If you have friends who are not giving you feedback, or friends who tell you what you want to hear all the time, then it is time to face the truth. Make them understand that you are ready to grow and they can feedback as it is. Face truth today.
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