Stand Tall

Stand Tall

“We encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated”—Maya Angelou

Just felt like encouraging you today with something very short. Have you ever been defeated – especially in a game or an important life issue? What makes it worse is that as you grow up, you can be made to feel that defeat means the end of it all. Just in my life, day to day, I have many different ‘defeats’ that I experience. Defeat comes in different forms such that sometimes I fail to get up from it and I totally accept to be defeated for that day or that area of my life.

I however try not to lose sleep over issues. If you know what your calling and destiny is, you should not allow defeat to be your end game. I believe you should strive on and focus on what you can influence and celebrate those ‘wins’. You can be defeated in one area, but stand tall and go on in other areas of life.
To your success

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