Be the fearless Giant

Be the fearless Giant

“We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.”—Dr Henry Link

Imagination is great but can be dangerous if you don’t know how to harness it’s power. Have you ever realized that in a split second your mind can wonder off, especially when you are not doing anything? You can create your own world and bubble, far from the noisy crowd. You can create giants, you can create grass hoppers, empires and anything else you want. If you create giants with your imagination, you can scare yourself to a point where you feel like the giant is right there in front of your business idea. The moment that giant becomes real you are likely to crash your dream or goal you wanted to pursue.

On the other side of our imagination, we can create possibilities by imagining that we are the giant. Nothing can stop you, nothing is impossible. You can take that one big confident step. Obviously dreams can be achieved by putting our thoughts into action. The moment you decide to pursue on a goal put it into action. So think right, visualize right and act. Get mentors to help you get past your fears…it is usually easier if that person had the same fears and overcame them.
Fear only grows when we continue to feed it with our thoughts. So take that one big step in your mind today, you are the giant in your dream.
To your success

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