Stop Wishing

Stop Wishing

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”—Antoine de Saint

When I mentor, one common question I get is, ‘how do I achieve my goals?’ Others even say, ‘I wish I was like you!’ I got to realise that setting and pursuing a goal is not as simple as we talk about it. I have days I wish, days I dream but in all that, I have made it my mandate to be a doer! Yes, daily, do something that contributes towards the goals and dreams you have. A goal is something you can achieve if you put an action plan and follow it through. You have to put your mind and heart to achieving goals. Goal setting is easy, for me at least, but the difficult part is waking up to ensure I do the work. So, where are you with your goals? One of my goals was to have my book published, I am glad it is now on Amazon, Hungry for Success, very affordable too. So get your copy today and inbox me so that I personally acknowledge you.

Going back to goal setting, plan and get organized with a routine that will help you achieve. Use simple tools like a notebook, diary or your smart phone. Track yourself, celebrate your progress and successes.
To your success


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