Lead with Confidence!

Lead with Confidence!

“The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others” Hasidic proverb

Have you ever come across a leader who has no confidence in what they are doing or in themselves? We all want a leader who believes in themselves and allows us as the majority to build our own confidence. Easy to say. Maybe the question should be, ‘are you a confident leader?’ If you are running or managing a business, you are a leader. If you work and have a team, you are a leader. For you to succeed with a team, you need to be very confident with yourself before others have confidence in you.

The power of confidence can make or break your business. I remember coming across someone who was trying to sell a premium product to me. I could read their lack of confidence as they tried to sell to me. I asked what is wrong and they said, the product is just expensive, not many people will buy or listen to me. I really felt sorry and decided to help the young lady. We sold 7 out of 9 of her product that week. She has never turned back. What I showed her was that she just needed self-belief, confidence in herself and her product and then others would believe in her too. Customers buy a sense of confidence so invest in building up your confidence. Lead with confidence from today and you will get the result you want.

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