Hellooo – Zone Out!

Hellooo – Zone Out!

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there—unknown.

It is natural for me to enjoy being in the ‘zone’. I don’t mean WiFi Zone…but being in my comfort zone. I have less things to worry about, everything flows as usual. I get to really feel that I am so done with all the hustles of the environment around me. But hey, the comfort zone will never really expand you or your business. It may feel good for a moment – and truthfully, I think once in a while we need to indulge in it. But my tip today is “snap out of it and run.” Zone out!

Find things that challenge you. Accept duties that are new. Hunger for personal growth. Introspect and check if you are not in the zone right now. The comfort zone is like stagnant water which does not get to flow and see different places. Instead all it does is change colour and produce a nasty smell. Start flowing and exploring.

Snap out of comfort zones and achieve much more!

To your success


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