The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed—Richard B. Sheridan

When was the last time you felt that your determination paid off? I have a pre-school son who really won’t give in when he wants something. He will ask at first, then come back to persuade with a sweet ‘please’ and grin, then offers to do chores and by the time he is done – I say OK OK! His determination would have paid

To be determined means to have a firm decision and being resolved not to change it. When you decide to act on anything and you have the will you should not allow anything or anyone to stop you. Many of us find it difficult to cope in tough situations because we forget why we would have started on whatever it is we will be doing. This is because we start on something most probably because everyone is doing it or they have been pushed to do it. This may lead to failure because you do not have your heart in the project hence you are not determined to excel on your own.

Check again your level of determination– you might be missing great opportunities because you are just not pushing hard enough. Aim to achieve, aim to get it right, aim to deliver. Say no to failure. Be determined to achieve.

To your success


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