adjust the sails

adjust the sails

“She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails”. Unknown
Each season comes with new challenges and that is when change issues come in. I have had situations when I had to totally change plans because what I expected was not what came. So as life requires, be open to change. Change has and will always be a huge step for anyone. For others it is exciting, whilst for some it is frightening. Change can be caused by a number of different things around us such as the environment, or developments in our lives. Sometimes change is forced on us, sometimes we willingly go through change ourselves in order to produce better results.
My life lesson is that, we should be so open to change so that we are comfortable and flexible when we have to go through change. As a very highly organised person, I sometimes struggle to accept change, but daily I practice being flexible to new ways, new plans, new home, and new job and so on. What is the worst that can happen besides growth!!
Another life lesson is that do not allow bad situations happening around you stop you from reaching your goal. Even when things do not go your way the only best thing is to adjust the sails in a way that is favourable to you. Do not fight the weather!

Let’s adjust our sails and get going!
To your success


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