Feeling Uncertain?

Feeling Uncertain?

As the year is coming to an end, many business people worry about how they will end –as it normally determines how they will begin in the new period. At times there is an overwhelming feeling that you worked so hard in the year-and you worry that a few weeks before the new year, your financial situation has not improved, maybe it actually feels like it worsened from the previous year.
Well the problem is that sometimes as human beings we keep doing the same comfortable ways of doing business. We repeat the same pattern as the previous year and expect a miracle.

With the few weeks left in the year- I want to help you today- stop focusing on the negative feeling of uncertainty. Just stop worrying and decide to change a few behaviours to get new results. In case you missed 3 week sales challenge – please click here and participate.

So focus on the following beliefs:
1. I can still do something impactful to my business before the year ends.
2. I believe my income is determined by my actions.
3. I will achieve my financial goals in the remaining period.

If you believe the above, it means you are opening yourself to behave or act on the beliefs. So go ahead and create a short action plan for the remaining weeks in the year-you may actually surprise yourself.

All the best.

To your success


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