To your Success

To your Success

Have you ever wondered why l always conclude my communication to you with the words, ‘To Your Success’? I will narrate my short version today. Just like most start up women in business, I struggled to put up a running, sound business for a while, like years, and so l decided to call it quits. I had done most of the things that had to be done but to no avail.
Naturally l am no quitter but this time the thought of failure had hit me. My mind told me that closing down business was the only way to go. I made up my mind that this business was not for me. In the process of doing all this my inner instincts kept speaking to me that l could, l would and l was going to. But how? l kept on asking myself, how do l do it? Time does not wait for us, so yes, more years passed as I kept asking how! My inner voice kept shouting l could do it, l should not quit, think through it again.

I reminded myself that I was destined for success, my business will work and grow. I also met someone l looked up to, who had made it. She believed in me and my work. A few good meetings with her, giving me guidance and I taking total responsibility for myself, I was back. From then on, l made up my mind that l was going to revive this almost dead business. She left me the words ‘SUCCESS is what you make it, SUCCESS is you’. I had to get out of my comfort zone and move towards my goal once again.

So whenever l write to you I want you to be revived out of anything that may be telling you to quit. Pray like Nehemiah did, to get the strength to go on (Neh 6:9). l really desire for you to go on no matter how bad you feel. As long as you have the right mind-set, you can achieve anything.

To your success


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