Drive your business with Passion and Commitment

Drive your business with Passion and Commitment

Are you aware that with your ordinary God given talent, add a dash of extraordinary perseverance, the result is ultimate possibility. This will lead you into success and more success in your business. If you have passion about your business, you will need a higher level of commitment to it so that you achieve your goals.

Commitment is defined as, ‘the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity etc.’ Simply put, if you decide to pursue success in your business, you require a certain level of dedication over….recreation or other life issues. You however need to strike the right balance or you risk losing much more!

Today am on about commitment more than passion. So committing to your business, means that as the owner of the company, you need to ensure that where necessary you get your hands dirty by doing operational work so as to achieve your goals. I continue to encounter small business owners who blame the sales team for lack of success or cash flows in their business and yet they are never willing to do the work of the sales person themselves. To me, that usually demonstrates lack of commitment, you are actually in business to bring in sales so it should be normal that as owner you are actually selling twenty four seven. Get off your excuses!

They are certain key commitments that are required in your business. I will mention a few general ones here but remember to think through your own list and internalise the commitments yourself. Where possible, pass these as part of culture to your employees.

· Commit to achieving set goals
· Commit to do what must be done over what you could prefer to be doing
· Commit to sales activities daily
· Commit to improving your product, service and business systems
· Commit to continuous learn as a business

As owner, the business is yours to build and nurture into the desired state you wish. For some it might even take years, however, with just the right level of commitment you will make it. Focus on one, get it right and move on to the next. If you try to do many things at once, you might end up getting discouraged. Bear in mind to achieve much more, always pace yourself with goals that add up to the ultimate destination which is your business vision and mission. When you achieve the first goal, the sense of achievement motivates you to pursue the next goal. And once you are up and running the sky is the limit. Your success to an extent depends on your ability to accurately read the future and ensuring that fear does not paralyse you!

I wish nothing for you but success, lots of success. Drive your business with passion and commitment today, and I promise you that you are on the right success track.

To your success Mel.

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