It is not a disgrace to start over…It is usually an opportunity!

It is not a disgrace to start over…It is usually an opportunity!

I do not want you to quit

The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength or a lack of knowledge… but rather a lack of will to be successful. This is the will to continue pursuing your goals; even if you have failed at one point in time or other. For more successful people, failure is always the opportunity to learn and begin again more intelligently. Highly successful people regard failure as mistakes and quickly learn from them.

So what is your style? When you fail, do you quit? When you face obstacles in your business do you lose hope and fold up to start something else? In such times, the not so successful people just drop down and sink into their failures.

If you feel like this type of entrepreneur- who easily quits, do not be ashamed, you are not alone. Believe that you can change, allow yourself to revisit your vision and breathe. Allow yourself to start over, take your failure as a bigger stepping stone and move forward. Most entrepreneurs have the fear that if they start over perhaps their prospective clients will not take them seriously. They fear to be seen or regarded as if they are not organised or were not ready to start a business. Do not worry about these issues, just focus on ensuring you understand where you want to go, and how to use your failures to become more successful than before.

My aim today is to give you courage and strength to start again if you feel things are not going on according to your initial plan or vision.

1. Have a quiet time to reflect on your progress in business. Meditate, Write, Draw and surely you will be able to know what your next move will be.

2. Leaders must be followers, even if you are the owner of the business, have an authority above you. There are people who have done the same business before you and are now successful, seek guidance from them. That’s true wisdom.

3. Think positively always, you can do this by feeding your mind with positive stimulating ideas and spending time with people who believe in you. It really works!

Remember every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. When you try and fail, encourage yourself and rise up again. It is no disgrace to start over, take it as an opportunity. You will make it.

To your success



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