How to activate your Vision for better Productivity

How to activate your Vision for better Productivity

They are various ways to start increasing productivity levels in your business. I will speak about the most obvious but somehow the most complicated for many entrepreneurs – that is communicating the vision. Yes, VISION.
As the founder of a business or entrepreneur you may be carrying around a BIG vision and as you operate – however you realise that the partners or employees you are working with “just don’t get it”. You feel they have less passion than you, they are always going in the wrong direction, are not seeing the vision as you do – they just seem the opposite of you! Oh my! Yet you have told them your vision when they came in and even set the targets and expectations plainly. So what could be going wrong?
Instead of ignoring the productivity challenge, firing your team or any such other drastic measure – here are my recommendations;
1. Engage in dialogue. Give them feedback of how you feel and show by way of facts that performance levels are not what you expect.

2. Re-communicate the vision. I recommend that you paint the picture of your vision creatively not just reading a statement you crafted or directing them to read the framed vision statement on the wall. You can illustrate your vision using pictures and story-telling. Your aim is to ensure people remember the real cracks of the vision rather than trying to make them memorize a statement. They must “taste” the future vision using most senses possible.
3. Allow them to ask questions about your vision. It is important that you communicate as much as possible, but also allow your employees to seek clarity. When asked questions, show you care and answer them genuinely. No question is “silly”, “wrong”, or “taboo”. When employees do not fear asking more about your vision – then you are on the right track.

4. Listen, Listen, Listen
Try not to be like most “bosses” who love the sound of their own voice and speak till everyone forgets the original purpose of the discussion. Allow others to speak whilst you listen. Listening is a key leadership skill, if you are very bad at listening – you may miss it all together. People want to be heard too…even if you will not take up their ideas – at least you listened.
When you do the above, what you are doing is creating a shared vision. When people share a vision they believe in, they become more productive and effective on a daily basis. So as an entrepreneur, sharpen your communication skills and re-visit sharing your vision once again. If you sense lethargy right now, don’t wait for a big day, just plan to elaborate your vision in the next meeting. Clarity truly helps in increasing productivity – so remember to engage, articulate the vision creatively, answer questions and listen more than you speak.

All the best at your next meeting,

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