Provide relevant service….delight your customer!

Provide relevant service….delight your customer!

When I exchange my cash for a service, DELIGHT me! Complacency will get you broke!

As an entrepreneur, you can build a niche client base, based purely on making people HAPPY no matter the service. Simple things can tickle a customer’s ego. I took my kids to emergency rooms one night, (nothing deadly but usual colds n flue) and the next very next day, I got a call from the Doctor’s receptionist asking after the kids. Are they OK, is medication helping etc etc. If you have a problem, please do bring them back and we see how we can help. I was flattered, 3 months later I visited them back, and it was the same story, receptionist called asking after me, how I was feeling and if medication was working etc. I loved the consistency & perceived genuine concern. I was flattered. Why? Because the lady on the other side did not sound like some restaurant waiter who asks because they have to, “Are you enjoying your food” and they walk off even if you answered NO. Their brain is taught to say it to every client as they eat, but they don’t care or expect a NO as an answer.

Let’s start focusing on what we can do better for our customers or rather how else we can add value to delight the customer. When a customer is willing to pay, they just want you to satisfy their actual needs and make them happy. As entrepreneurs it is important that from time to time you check if you are still making a customer delighted. If not, look at improving your service or product. It will not cost you much to ask for feedback… and NOT defend yourself to whatever feedback is given. Just say, ‘Thank you” and go back and improve or maximise your efforts to delight them the next time.

If you are employed, do not be too comfortable either. Many times you see gaps in a business and ignore, leaving it to the owner to try and run everything. That should not be the case, you should stand in the gap and help towards delighting your customers. If that company downsizes, you may be the one they re-hire as a consultant to close the gap that you were managing as an employee. This morning I read about MTN SA retrenching over 800 managerial level staff, it is obviously very sad but I believe the retrenched people are still able to offer relevant services where ever they go, or if they start their own small businesses. The key is to remain constantly offering services that delight a customer.

So when was the last time you asked genuinely, ” Maam, how was our service”, are you OK with it?

Well today will be my day too; Send me feedback about this blog on anytime. Will gladly put efforts in delighting you.

To your success…


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