Women leadership : Building new leaders

Women leadership : Building new leaders

Women’s Leadership Style

1.“Transformational”-Tying employee self interest to the goals of the organization

2.prefer flat structure

3.Focus on relationships

4.persuade /encourage/motivate


6.Indirect communication style

Men’s Leadership style

1.”Transoctional “-Job performance as a series of transactions to be rewarded or disciplined

2.Prefer hierarchical structure

3.Focus on performance

4.Give orders /have them followed


6.Direct communication style

Organization Struggle to Build a Pipeline of Women Leaders in Asia

Controllable Barriers

1.Preconceived nations about the “ideal leader” profile

2.One size –fits –all career opportunities are misaligned with women’s preferences

3.Gender –specific initiatives are targeted at women alone and fall to impact the broader organization

Key Recommendations

1.Neutralize Biases in Talent Management Decisions

2.Overcome Personal Barriers to Accessing Development Opportunities

3.Reinforce Inclusive Peer Behaviors

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