Excuses Potential Entrepreneurs Make – PART II

Excuses Potential Entrepreneurs Make – PART II

Thank you for great feedback from part 1 of this post delivered by Rabison Shumba. This is a continuation of the last article where Rabison  gave you some of the excuses that people make for not getting started in business. In life, there is no excuse that is good enough no matter how well documented it is. Here are more excuses that potential entrepreneurs make. You may see yourself in these statements. If you missed part 1, please get time to go through it!

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1.       It is risky, there is no job security in my own dream – Starting a business is a major risk that you must do with intentionality and with a clear view of what you are engaging with. Risks are the breakfast of champions and dreamers. Yes, you may actually go for some time without the much needed salary but your dream will live to fulfill your desires and those of generations after you. Leaving formal employment almost sounds silly.

2.       I fear that someone else will steal the idea from me – Fear is a spirit and when you operate out of fear, you will achieve less. Fearless does not mean you shut your mind to reality. Fearless means you know all those possibilities but they are not as big as your dream and you manage risk well. Your dream is too big to drop. Many friends have come to me crying over how they had an idea documented, gave it to a potential “financiers” who immediately realized the viability and renamed the project and started doing the same. I do not doubt that of the 7 billion people in the world, there could be a chunk that lacks integrity to the point of stealing ideas. You will always have many who desire to reap where they did not sow. Since it is your dream, no thief can roll it out like you would do it so continue on the path and your competitor will wonder how you are doing it. You cannot put your dream on ice or in “park mode” because of elements of fear. You are bigger than that. Walk tall and claim what is yours. Copy-cats can stay in their world but they will only get enough for bread not create lasting wealth.

3.       People seem to think it is not practical, including my own family – Sometimes the dream only makes sense to the one who carries the dream. I always wondered when I see pregnant women having all sorts of cravings saying “this child has changed my diet needs, I eat weird things now”. Since I have no idea what it feels like, I can only observe as I do not have the capacity to carry a child, certain things remain a mystery to me. In the same way, some ideas don’t seem practical except to the one who has first had the opportunity to carry the baby or dream. Your own family being the source of all support and encouragement can also be a source of major upsets when they “feel” your dream is not the “right” kind of dream for the sake of the “family’s name”. Excuse me; my dream can actually change what my family is known for.

4.       No one is willing to help me off the ground, I am all-alone – It can be a lonely walk but the fruits bring in all kinds of “helpers” and “friends” to assist in carefully harvesting. One is tempted to ask where the people were when you agonized over where to get salary for your 3 employees. They had “free comedy” back then over how “this guy seems to think he can do all things and now see who is mourning the most”. It is sad sometimes as you go for months without giving yourself a salary. People sympathize with you and take all you are doing for granted. If ever you help a butterfly when it is trying to fly then you kill the learning process. Sometimes you do not need to rest on the help of others. You have a clearer understanding and projection of where you are going with your idea hence do not feel lonely when you have to walk alone. You have your dream to affirm, grow and pamper. Speak to your dream. You are never alone.

5.       What if it fails? Will I not become the laughing stock – I will ask you the opposite, What if it succeeds? Will you still complain? Not every dream will give you instant gratification and satisfaction. If Thomas Edison feared that people would keep laughing at him we would not be enjoying the light bulb in every home today. He had to fail thousands of times and learn from each failure. So what if it fails once? Keep trying? The fact that it failed once or twice does not qualify you to start handling and carrying yourself like a failure. Each failure should be a learning point of how not to do it the next time.

The most important thing is to love what you do. Never do it to please someone else – it has to be yours. That is all that will justify the hard work needed to achieve success. Compete against yourself, not others, for that is what your best competition is truly         -Peggy Fleming- Olympic Gold Medalist-

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