Get over 5 things and you could get a $1m business going!

Get over 5 things and you could get a $1m business going!

I was reading an article why most women fail to make their businesses MILLION dollar businesses. At to my not so surprise, it’s the same things you and me encounter daily. The article was written by Geri Stengel, I have taken headings as they are and just discuss/share with you my opinions!

1. Women need to take more risk!– straight forward, we are grappled with fear of losing everything, or getting broke and so our mind is filled with, ‘what will I eat/how will rent be paid’. Get over it and GO for IT. Men don’t think far too much about what if I am still broke in 5 years time, they take the risk.

2. Women need to get tougher!-This one, I agree that we are tough but don’t want to be called bitchy when in a work environment, even when it is your company. So ladies, start firing non performers, start setting serious sales targets! Tell it as it is when people are being crappy.

3. Men need to get over themselves!- Ha ha….yes they do. They love just hanging out after ours and by next morning, you are so lost to what they are talking about in the board room! I think as women, lets really be social, and start chatting about business during our children’s play dates. Let us make time out with each other and business men too. Make a plan for the kids if you have kids and bring ladies to your house if you can’t stand public places! People make deals on the golf course, after conferences and all the informal places you can think of!

4. Women need to get over themselves!….I just hate but I have to agree! Women who think are going up there just want to ‘floss’ to other women. Let us learn the real art of networking, not just exchanging business cards and a hug. Can I challenge you today to email every lady/person this week or early next week whose business card you took, and say something! At least remind them you are there and ask them a question so that they respond.

5. Everyone needs to build more flexible businesses! This is a challenge for many people who still believe that you have to have someone 24/7 for you to think they are working. I had a great boss, who allowed me flexi hours to cater for my young baby. No pressure hey as long as I achieved my targets. So ladies, lets look at how we can make our businesses flexible and also low cost too.

I hope you learned something here. Your feedback welcome and do share this article with other ladies!

Happy business building ladies….and the few gents I note who are indeed giving me feedback.


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