Colour matters ladies! I mean for your brand…..

Colour matters ladies! I mean for your brand…..

I know from experience that when logo designs and adverts are presented to an upcoming entrepreneur they are just wowed! Your hope is that the adverts will appeal to your customers because they look ‘nice’. But today I want you to know that whatever your logo/the colour and general look and feel; colour matters. Colour appeals to people’s emotional state.

Blue is calming, Reds and Yellows encourage people to eat fast, Yellow invokes cheerfulness, Pink enhances appetites. Black is associated with elegance & sophistication etc. So think of brand colours you know or prefer and relive the feelings. Best examples come from food courts?


Just as an aside tip for today:

Make people be interested in your personal brand or product brand by how you introduce yourself. Curiosity drives people crazy and they ask for more. So talk about your benefits in your introductions. E.g I help companies that want to grow their bottom line achieve their goals. The truth is someone gets curious how you do that and they pursue the conversation by asking you questions. So avoid ‘I am a consult?’

Happy Week…..remember to share with your friends!

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