Are you ready to make money? Do you really understand that customer?

Are you ready to make money? Do you really understand that customer?

Happy New Year to all the entrepreneurs and millionaires out there! I hope you are ready to change the way you do business in 2013. Do not miss the weekly tips on this blog because they will make a difference to your personal brand and your businesses. I encourage you to share with your networks so that they go on link and click FOLLOW.


Today am asking all you entrepreneurs if you understand your customer. You may know who they are or their name but do you really understand them and know them deeper than their name? This week as you settle in with your customers, I need you to go through the list of your customers and show that you understand where your money is coming from. If you do not really understand, then the day it stops you will wonder what hit your brand or business. Last week I stopped buying meals from a certain outlet just because someone did not show remorse for messing up my order. I decided I am not going to bother looking for a manager, screaming and getting a free meal for consolation. I just stopped! I may be the only loss today, but the bottom line will show at the end of the year ($4x5x4x12) and if others fall off it accumulates. And when you plan for 2014 taking me as an ‘opportunity’, I will not budge or be enticed but will make you waste your money trying to get me back when I have made up my mind. (That’s me, the customer).


So am reminding you today why you are in business: Your business exists to meet human needs. You make money from customers willing to pay money for products/services that meet their needs, so you need to protect that. BUT…there is a catch to it, you need to understand that customer. Besides collecting their demographics like most businesses I know, be genuine in your chit chat and understand their desires, their lifestyle, their hopes and aspirations, fears and concerns and even why their using your product and how they are using it. That way, you will know the exact reason why they have stopped; using your products OR coming to your shop OR ordering through you, OR calling you…..etc before they even tell you!


So want your brand to generate more, start looking for creative and genuine ways to understand your customer. If you are a boutique owner, take time to invite someone for coffee in your shop office and get to know them before they leave so that next time they come in, you are familiar with something about them. If you supply building materials, make a genuine call to find out how the customer has progressed in building. Depending on how big the order was and project is, you can make a visit to the site, (WOW) and understand more personal and business needs of that customer. As a restaurant owner, ask genuinely after customers and LISTEN, use open ended questions to get someone to talk. I personally don’t talk much if I perceive that the restaurant manager is trying to just do their job!!!


I can’t list all business you are into and give you tips, (I would have loved to) but I hope you have caught something you will implement this very week. Remember: You want the money, invest energy and time in getting it!


Happy week!


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