Part 2: You can build your brand on a low budget!

Part 2: You can build your brand on a low budget!

After reading part 1 of today’s topic, I had 2 interesting sessions with some ladies on how they could actually brand themselves uniquely so that their products could fetch better. We had fun listing all things one could do without spending a cent to improve their personal and corporate brand. As you read today’s tips, try it yourself and see how much you can save and make your brand much better. If you missed part one, click on the link and read it, its a MUST read to serious entrepreneurs.

1. Start low cost publicity activities. This may mean that your small company gets a free slot in the press or radio just to talk about who you are, your products, values, vision and future. This may be way better than placing a full page advert in the paper for hundreds of dollars. You could also have your staff members do a street cleanup in conjunction with city council or a school and media gets to cover your story and your intentions. In the process, your company name is mentioned, together with the product you supply. With publicity, you build credibility for your organisation and this contributes to positively to your brand building efforts on a low budget.
2. Network well and for good reasons. I dislike it when someone takes my business card, does not talk to me and then spams me with emails about their product. Networking is much more than business card exchange. Be honestly sociable, and chat to people and hear them out. They may not be the target for your product but may actually refer to you others who need your product or are able to finance your business. Also learn how to articulate what your business is about. Avoid describing your product; speak about your solution to people or companies. If your product is pillows, try selling comfort, if you are ‘into’ beverages, you could sell refreshment, the list goes on. But everyone sells detergents, sell hygiene. Say something different, excite your colleague as you network, they will remember you better.

It is important for your organization and products to have an identity which you deliberately mold so as to achieve the brand building benefits, the top being profitability. Start now, it is achievable.

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