Part 2: 5 easy to follow tips for your 2013 Plan

Part 2: 5 easy to follow tips for your 2013 Plan

I had a great week which finished off with inspiration from Dr Cindy Trimm. I was really motivated so much that I will be meeting up with a few ladies to ensure that we get what we want in life through an accountability relationship. It was also interesting to discuss with some of my readers, their various business plans for 2013. Exciting methods of getting strengths and weaknesses came up. For instance, I recommended to a certain small business owner that they can get feedback as they make their last calls to some of their 2012 clients. A simple, ‘we are closing down on the 15th, and would like to wish you happy holidays. May you please tell us if we met your expectations when we serviced your car …..’ It is important to know what your customers think or believe about you. They can even suggest to you how to satisfy them next time.

Today will give you the last 3 tips on doing your plan. I hope that you did tip 1 and 2. If you had challenges, do email to If I do not respond same hour or day, be patient. I have scheduled times I read and respond to mail.
Tip 3: You need to come up with various strategies as follows: using strengths and opportunities then strengths and threats. You need to manage your weaknesses and opportunities and also weaknesses and threats. I have come up with an example using a wedding cake home business, you can follow easily for any business you are in. Put in a quadrant/table, I failed to do it on this page. on your left going down is opportunities and threats and top going right put strengths and weaknesses.

You are the number 1 recognized cake decorator in your community/country

Many events requiring cakes in the area throughout the year

Expand your business from wedding cakes only, to other areas such as birthdays, valentine’s, anniversaries etc

Weaknesses (with opportunity)
Inadequate cake delivery vehicles and personnel

Hire/Invest in delivery vehicle considering you are ready to expand into more services other than weddings.

Threats (with the strengths)
Fully fledged bakery, with capacity to bake all sorts of goodies and wedding cakes in the same area as your business

Can offer decorating services to the bakery by order on their speciality cakes. (You are sub contracted) Strategy
Focus on a niche market, rather than try to compete for the mass market walk in customers.

Tip 4: Draw up your implementation plan
List your strategies out in order of prioritization and choice. Normally it is better to leverage on strategies that have come from strengths and opportunities and then strategies that help you build capacity such as getting a bank loan or investors. Next to each strategy put action plans. These will be step by step on what you need to do in implementation of the strategy. Put dates to each action plan, and who will do it.

Tip 5: Have fun
Most business people are in it solely for money and do not enjoy what they do. It should not be that way at all, enjoy taking action on your plan and ticking off what you have done, remembering to note down mistakes and planning alternative corrective action. I love achieving; it brings me so much joy to get 10 out of 10 actions done. So as you go through implementation of your plan, take corrective action where it is not working as expected, do not make it pull you down. Seek advice from people who have had success and keep moving.

Motivate yourself daily by putting up your 2013 business goal for example:
Generate $35,000 in 12 months from selling wedding cakes!!

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