Do people think of you when they want something?

Do people think of you when they want something?

Ladies, today I attended a ladies conference. Three born again, prosperous and successful women ministered to me greatly and these are Tsitsi Masiyiwa, Sherree Shereni and Dr Cindy Trim. They all had a diverse background, different success stories but what I loved most was that they all are born again and acknowledge God and biblical principles.

Some key nuggets I have to share with you are:-

1. Strive to balance your life in all areas as a woman.
2. You are in business to advance the Kingdom of God one way or other.
3. Your personal brand? When people think of something, do they think of you?

They were many other points that I am going to think and design my action plan on. If you are in Harare, you still have a chance to attend today (5.30pm to 9pm) and tomorrow (Saturday 8am- 12noon).Both at Celebration Centre.

Come and get inspired and also to network!!


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