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Upcoming female leaders usually ask me about how I got to be where I am with regards to my career, especially the fact that I am a woman. I am curious to find out if male counterparts in similar leadership positions get the same question as much as we doJ as
I attended the launch of Cancerserve Foundation last week. I was totally touched by a story of a cancer survivor who spoke. She was fortunate to have a supportive spouse and family, I believe this contributed so much to her recovery. Support is always a key pillar in our lives. I commend
Guess what, I have people who say they want to be like me, I also adore certain people and want to be like them. Growing up I even had those super star people I thought were so cool and I wanted to speak, sing and dress like them. Now that
I am a mother, and I know how to smile through tears. Just last month I had a traumatic experience with one of my children. I went into a public hospital with him and had to care for him in the most uncomfortable conditions. I cried sometimes but as the
Starting off well in any endeavor is important, but I believe, how you finish is even more crucial. Next time you visit the movie theatre watch how many people arrive late and take a while to settle down at the beginning of the movie but remain in their sets well

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