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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the environment you are living in? Well, sometimes I do because of the day to day challenges around finance management, investments, social activities, family and work. The list could go on, but let me give a quick solution to manage yourself better using #PersonalDevelopment
According to wisdomtimes.com the idea of personal development is about harnessing and enriching the innate potential of the individual to ultimately become a realized, happier and balanced person in a chaotic and ever-changing world. I say personal development is a push. It’s a struggle. It’s a challenge. There wouldn’t be any
Do you believe in yourself, your ideas and capacity? Psychology dictionary defines self-belief as: “Our self-assurance in trusting our abilities, capacities, and judgements; the belief that we can meet the demands of a task.” Believing in yourself is a necessity in life, if you’re an entrepreneur self-belief means you tell yourself that
I am sure every woman who is the corporate world understands how it can be difficult as a woman to go up the ladder. What more if you’re in your own hustle? Confidence has to be a big part of you because it’s the one that will play a huge
Did you know? The phrase “fear not” is used at least 80 times in the Bible? Fear has no place in the heart or mind of a believer. Ask God to increase your trust and faith in his willingness and ability to deliver you completely from fear and anxiety. Ask for a
I was reading Proverbs and I learned that even though at times it can be extremely difficult to constantly live in a way that represents your decision to give yourself to God, if you're truly committed what seems impossible is achievable.  

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