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What do you do with your business ideas? If you are like me, I am sure every day you have an opportunity to express your idea to someone. Married to an entrepreneur and also working as an intrapreneur in a big corporate I have learn’t that NO to funding your
It is through understanding our salvation that we can live in unity with other believers and love them in Christ. Seek understanding from God and value others.  
"November is my birthday month and as I was counting my blessings, I realized that I could really do much more contribution to society in the women empowerment space". There are women and girls out there who are in need of basics you and I could easily take for granted – menstrual hygiene. Reports
Take your place in that board room! Don’t run away when you face resistance. Women work diligently and hard just like anyone else, women want to reach the top too without being accused of being aligned to someone powerful and lastly, like anyone else, they make powerful and capable leaders. 
Upcoming female leaders usually ask me about how I got to be where I am with regards to my career, especially the fact that I am a woman. I am curious to find out if male counterparts in similar leadership positions get the same question as much as we doJ as
I attended the launch of Cancerserve Foundation last week. I was totally touched by a story of a cancer survivor who spoke. She was fortunate to have a supportive spouse and family, I believe this contributed so much to her recovery. Support is always a key pillar in our lives. I commend

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