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Guess what, I have people who say they want to be like me, I also adore certain people and want to be like them. Growing up I even had those super star people I thought were so cool and I wanted to speak, sing and dress like them. Now that
I am a mother, and I know how to smile through tears. Just last month I had a traumatic experience with one of my children. I went into a public hospital with him and had to care for him in the most uncomfortable conditions. I cried sometimes but as the
Starting off well in any endeavor is important, but I believe, how you finish is even more crucial. Next time you visit the movie theatre watch how many people arrive late and take a while to settle down at the beginning of the movie but remain in their sets well
Do you ever second guess yourself because you worry about what the next person will think? Once in a while I have let fear of judgement sway my true conviction about a matter. As much as validation from others makes us feel secure and good about our decisions, making a
Do you ever despise or look down upon yourself for no reason? I know women are most affected by 'looks' but be assured, there is no 'ugly' woman out there. It is just perception and at times more about the person them self 'feeling' ugly. You can love yourself before someone

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